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Beauty corner: Revlon Colorburst “Sweet Tart” Lip Butter

Backlogged post, added 02.20.2013.


I liked the formula of the more pigmented Revlon Lip Butters I own (which I talked about last month), and wanted to replace the icy pink that didn’t work for me. After looking a bit online, I thought I’d give “Sweet Tart” a try since most people called it a “warm pink” and it doesn’t have any frosty particles. I wore it for the first time this past Wednesday, and found that this shade is definitely more suited to my warmer undertones than the cooler “Strawberry Shortcake”. It’s a pretty classic Barbie Pink, nice and bright! The formula is decent, part sheer and part crème so the color stays put but is also layerable. My husband found it TOO candy pink for me, and I’m inclined to agree with him. I’m thinking that the right pink for me might be more of a fuchsia, but in the meantime this candy pink will still be a fun occasional changeup from my usual oranges and reds.

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Beauty corner - manicure matte purple with silver flakies

Backlogged post, added 02.19.2013.

I’ve always liked how matte flakie manicures look, and the times I’ve used flakies the finish has always been glossy. So for this manicure I thought it’d be fun to try a matte finish since I finally picked up a matte topcoat recently. I must also say that I just adore the purple base of this manicure! It’s a gorgeous, highly pigmented jelly polish that allows light to shine through in a way that really makes a manicure sparkle. I’m not sure if it’s thin enough to layer over glitter toppers, but I’m sure I’ll be playing around with that sooner or later.

aida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakies

As with the other non-color shifting, clear flakie manicure I wore a few months ago, the flakes themselves kind of melt away in the sun (below left) but show up again in the shade/indoors (below right).

aida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakiesaida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakies

I was a bit surprised at the color of these flakies as part of the manicure. In the bottle they appear baby pink in a lightly tinted base, but over the purple base they have a distinctively blue coloring. It even shows up as blue in the blurry sparkle photo! I’d have expected them to take on the purple of the base. They are pretty sparkly for a clear flakie though, even through the matte topper.

aida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakiesaida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakies

Color-shifting flakie polishes tend to look really fun with a matte topper, but I quite like the more subtle effect of matting these silvery flakies. And for fun I’m including a photo of my tootsies (also seen yesterday), which I painted a bright coral ^^

aida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakiesaida's closet: manicure - matte purple with silver flakies

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
2 coats Essence “Passion For Fashion”
1 coat Sally Hansen “Princess Cut”
Seche Vite clear top coat
Essence “Soft Touch” matte top coat

Bonus pedicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
2 coats Sally Hansen “Snappy Sorbet”
Seche Vite clear top coat

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Beauty corner: manicure - “Peach On A Beach”

Backlogged post, added 02.15.2013.

Today I’m excited to share another of my handcrafted polishes with you all!

aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"

"Peach On A Beach" is a subtle, glitter-filled nude polish. It has a heavily pigmented peach base, and then a load of tonal glitters:

  • gold hex (large, medium, fine, and micro)
  • rose hex (large, medium, and small)
  • sparse silver hex (large, small, and fine)
  • lots of peachy-pinky-gold glass flecks for a subtle sparkly shimmer

aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"

Instead of painting all of my nails with POAB, I decided to just use it on accent nails; on my left hand the index and middle fingers, and on my right hand the ring finger. The rest of the manicure is a very sheer sparkly peach. The left photo below shows the manicure in the sunlight (left hand), and the right photo is in the shade (right hand).

aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"

I’m very pleased with how this polish turned out! I’d hoped to add this to my upcoming Etsy indie polish lineup, but found that I’ll need to reformulate the recipe after learning that some of the materials I would want in bulk have been discontinued. So hopefully it won’t take too long to track down suitable substitutes!

aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"aida's closet: manicure - "Peach On A Beach"

What do you all think of this polish, does it look like something you’d wear?

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
3 coats LA Colors “Pink Diamonds”
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

OPI clear base coat
3 coats Aida’s Closet “Peach On A Beach”
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

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Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denim

Backlogged post, added 02.14.2013.

aida's closet: Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denim

With a warmer forecast for the week, I wanted a more cheerful manicure than the matte brown manicure I ended the Picture Perfect challenge with. I didn’t have a lot of time last night, so I just did another simple 5-minute manicure.

aida's closet: Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denimaida's closet: Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denim

This pretty periwinkle polish has very very fine dark purple/blue granules in it; they aren’t very prominent, even in the bottle, and I was actually surprised at how this polish looked once it was on (I was expecting a plain color). The little granules are more visible in the shade and give the polish a subtle textured finish, so I used two coats of my topcoat to smooth the texture because I like a glassy finish.

aida's closet: Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denimaida's closet: Beauty corner: 5-minute manicure - periwinkle denim

In the sun, there’s also a subtle pink flash which I had an even harder time capturing on camera than the little dark granules; this was much more visible in the bottle than on the finished manicure. Overall this pretty little polish was significantly more complex than I expected, as is befitting of its name. The finished manicure makes me think of denim, but since it’s not really denim I’m not cheating for my No Denim Week, I promise!

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
2 coats Essence “A Lovely Secret”
2 coats Seche Vite clear top coat

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Beauty corner: YLF picture challenge manicures

Backlogged post, added 02.13.2013.

For the YLF Picture Perfect Challenge this week, I enjoyed using my nails to complete several of the outfits. Each of these were simple 5-minute manicures, using a single color that has good coverage (a polish that has a thick, non-streaking formula). I didn’t get a chance to post them during the week, so here they all are in one convenient location! Click photos to view photoset.

05.02.2012 - purple shimmer

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
1 thick coat mystery dusty purple shimmer
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

05.03.2012 - green sparkle

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
1 thick coat Revlon “Rain Forest”
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

05.04.2012 - brown matte

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
1 thick coat OPI “Suzi Loves Cowboys”
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat
1 coat Essence “Soft Touch” matte top coat

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Beauty corner: April polish haul

Backlogged post, added 02.12.2013.

So this month I wanted to work on rounding out some colors that weren’t well represented in my collection. And of course, add more sparklies. What can I say, I have the magpie gene! I DID try to be a bit more discerning about which sparklies I bought, looking for arrangements that are a bit more unique. I did OK with that; I ended up with a couple of near-duplicates (seriously, I don’t know how Serious Polish Ladies keep their vast collections straight in their heads while shopping), but overall managed to stick to unique-to-my-collection polishes.

Click HERE to see photos of the polishes I bought this month.

In addition to the polishes I also picked up a very basic, intro-level stamping set. Hoping to give that a try soon! I didn’t buy any stamping polish, I’m just banking on some of my thicker crème polishes working well enough but we’ll see.

I’ve also continued using my (now much larger) polish collection to make pretty jewelry (no new previews yet, sorry!), though I did slack a bit on my own manicures. Still working, albeit very slowly, on getting things together for my Etsy shop and am still hoping to get that up and running sometime soon. (Might have to put it off until fall, since Summer is full of outdoor activities and little time for computers and crafting.)

Feeling pretty good about where my collection is at, both for my own nails and for my crafting. I’m planning to try and cut back next month, but ummm we’ll see how that goes, eh?

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Beauty corner: manicure - fuchsia with blue flash

The main polish in this manicure is a very sheer fuchsia base with an electric blue flash, meant to be a topper I think. Bright fuchsia and electric blue in one polish is like having the 80s in a bottle! Today I decided to further play up the 80s vibe and layered it over a VERY bright neon pink because it’s too sheer to wear on its own. I love how it turned out!

I had the hardest time trying to get the blue to look right in the photos (it’s usually purples that stump my camera). It really is a bright electric blue that lights up the whole nail, so delightfully 80s; the neon base definitely helped brighten up the whole thing. But the electric blue flash is amazing, I just can’t stop looking at my nails!

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
1 coat Sinful Colors “24/7”
3 coats Pure Ice “Tease”
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

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Beauty corner: manicure - sparkly lemon

I was in the mood for a citrusy, juicy looking manicure last night! This lemon-yellow polish seemed to fit the bill nicely, but unfortunately the formula was difficult to work with. It’s way more sheer than I’d expected so it required several coats, which is fine when the polish runs thin so that it doesn’t get too chunky when layered. This was about as thick as a one coat polish, so three ended up realllyyyy chunky. Not sure if it’s just my bottle, because most of the other polishes I have from this brand are really easy to work with.

I really love the subtle sparkle this has, though. Then it occurred to me that it’s similar to, but more subtle than, the yellow polish I recently made that’s chock full of gold glass flecks. I guess I could have just used mine! Still, this polish could be a great layering polish if thinned out a bit so I’ll definitely be experimenting with that.

Manicure recipe:
OPI clear base coat
3 coats Sinful Colors “Firefly”
  (Sinful Colors “Quick Dry” between coats)
1 coat Seche Vite clear top coat

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Beauty corner: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

A couple weeks ago I bought 5 shades of Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter collection: “Candy Apple”, “Tutti Frutti”, “Creamsicle”, “Peach Parfait”, and “Strawberry Shortcake”. I’ve had a chance to wear all of them now and wanted to do a short review. I’m not going to do full swatches of these, there are plenty of those are available online. Just wanted to note my thoughts on them, which worked for me and which didn’t, and so that when I mention “bright red lip” you’ll know just which lip color that means.

All of these are rather sheer due to being lip balms; if they’re more sheer than a normal tinted lip balm, I noted it. Overall I am happy enough with these balms over the Cover Girl NatureLuxe tinted balms I was using before; these seem to behave and apply more like a lipstick than a balm, and generally seem to require less frequent application than the CG ones.

Peach Parfait
"Peach Parfait" is a peachy somewhat rosy pink with gold flecks, and decent pigment coverage. I have been happily using this one for a couple months now, as it was the first of these lip butters that I bought to try out. As I mentioned previously, it works really nicely as a nude for me, nude as in a slightly-more-pigmented-than-my-natural-lip color. This was actually a surprise to me; I had been expecting this to be darker than my natural lip color but I am super happy to have this acting as a proper “nude” shade. The gold flecks may not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but I rather like them. Most frosted lip colors don’t work for me because the frost is silvery, but the gold here is warm and rather subtle so it doesn’t really look very frosty at all. The color stays put and doesn’t need refreshing too often, about as much as usual for a balm.

Candy Apple
"Candy Apple" is a flat-but-not-matte, warm red (but not quite tomato red) which is very pigmented. It’s a wonderful color for me as I mentioned a few days ago. The pigmentation on this is really great, and the balm’s hydration seems to be a quite a bit better on this one than any of the other four I bought. The color stays put and needs refreshing FAR less than most tinted balms I’ve tried. While “Peach Parfait” has become my daily go-to color, I have to say that “Candy Apple” is by far my favorite of the group of lip butters I bought. However I’m not wearing it as much as I expected because I tend to prefer orange in spring/suummer and red in fall/winter. I am curious to see if I reach for it more when it cools down as I expect to.

Tutti Frutti
"Tutti Frutti" is a flat-but-not-matte, bright reddish-orange which is very pigmented and glossy but quite sheer. This one is so close, but not quite there. The color is AWESOME, but I find two problems with it. The balm aspect of this one is really strong, the color just slides around all over! Coupled with its sheerness, this one needs constant touching up and then the orange just builds and builds and builds in the cracks of my lips but slipping off everywhere else on the surface. So unfortunately as much as I adore the shade and how bright it could be, it’s too fussy to wear it on its own. It does work really nicely under my orange and coral lip glosses though, good hydration and a nice little brightness boost. And a light layer gives more of a subtle bright orange tint (as subtle as a bright orange can be ^^), which is how I’m mostly wearing it.

"Creamsicle" is a creamy/milky light peach with decent pigment, though it is manages to still be rather sheer despite the creaminess. I’d actually expected to use this one as a lightening nude, but found that for me it is far too light and the color doesn’t coat my pigmented lips well enough because it has the same slippery balmy issue as the orange.  Because it’s waaaay too bright and creamy, when layered on to truly show the pigment it just makes my lips look like my skin. And light cream lip cracks with skin lips makes me look like a zombie! I have been able to lightly layer it under "Peach Parfait" for a lighter-than-my-natural-lip color, and that’s probably as light as I could go with it. However I do tend to prefer brighter lips in the spring/summer, and lighter in fall/winter. So I may wear it more when it cools down since a single sheer layer works decently to make my facial coloring a bit less high contrast, but for now it’s not getting much wear.

Strawberry Shortcake
"Strawberry Shortcake" is a very lightly frosted, light pink with some creaminess/milkiness but still quite sheer; I think it’s a cool-toned shade, but I have learned that I’m not great at telling warm vs. cool in make-up pinks. This one flat out didn’t work for me because it’s too cool for my warmer coloring, and the subtle silver frost flecks made it even worse. I have been trying (and failing) to find a light pink lip color for a couple years now, and this latest one has really driven home a good lesson: While I have some coolness to my skin which allows me to wear some cool-toned clothing, as far as make-up goes I really do need to stick to warm toned colors. Honestly, for me that discovery alone is worth the price paid for this color, even though I won’t be wearing it. I did try layering this with “Peach Parfait” with minor success; it warmed the pink up a little, but not enough though I have worn it this way a few times. So I am going to buy a warmer pink from this line, because I still want a good pink balm that’s warm but isn’t coral. Maybe a bright fuchsia?

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Beauty corner: monthly polish haul and storage update

Soooo over the course of the month I have scooped up lots of pretty polishes, rounding out my collection quite nicely. Lots. I debated whether to post or not, but hey since I posted the initial spree I may as well come clean eh?

Click HERE to see photos of the polishes I bought this month.

And I thought I went on a polish spree at the end of last month! Nearly all of these are drugstore brands; I made good use of buy-one-get-one-half-off sales with most of these, and all of the polishes in photo #6 were purchased with an Amazon gift card. I have been using them to make pretty jewelry and, of course, on my nails, so I am quite happy to have added these lovelies to my collection.

Needless to say, however, my organization strategy of put-all-the-polish-in-one-drawer from earlier in the month no longer works as the drawer was almost full even then! So I have since split the polish across two drawers: One has all of the opaque shades, anything that can be worn on its own; the other has all of the transparent shades and toppers, anything that needs to be layered with other polish. And within each drawer, the polishes are grouped by color family. This is an immensely more useful system! I am having zero troubles finding exactly which polish I am looking for.

My apparent desire to purchase any sparkly polish that crosses my path has abated a bit now that my collection is pretty well-covered. But I have to say, I don’t know how the gals who have several of these Cubes full of polishes keep their vast collections straight while shopping. My memory just isn’t that good!

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